The Workshop

By Living Medium


Leavenworth isn't only about tasting rooms and the outdoors.


Shake things up on your next trip! Enjoy a night with friends - new and old - creating a masterpiece to take with you!

Create Your Masterpiece

Can't make an event?

Purchase an At-Home-Paint Kit and get everything you need to make your masterpiece in the comfort of your favorite creating space.

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  • Step 1: Pick the Design & Date

    We offer different types of event ranging from wood signs to ornaments. Pick the most convenient date or the favorite design and book online.

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  • Step 2: Come, Have Fun, and Unwind

    Enjoy a cozy atmosphere from the hustle and bustle of downtown Leavenworth! Receive step-by-step instruction with plenty of room for your own creative touch.

  • Step 3: Take Your Art Home

    The masterpiece is yours! You can gift it to someone you love or hang it on the wall.